Industrial Fabric Covered Buildings

Tasco Dome industrial buildings are built with the durability and longevity you require to meet the needs of your business. We can provide you with a building that can be constructed quickly and last for years to come. It is re-locatable if the need arises, and is easily expandable by adding onto the length of the building. If you need a storage space or space solution that is flexible and reliable, then Tasco Dome is for you.

Benefits of a Tasco Dome for industrial use include:

  • Engineered for building codes all over the world
  • Natural light saves energy
  • Large air space with good and clean air flow
  • Inexpensive alternative to traditional structures
  • Durable, portable, and easily expandable
  • Large open spaces allow for large equipment or material
  • Easy construction
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel structure is corrosion resistant
  • You can create lofts inside to expand your space
  • Steel structure is more durable than wood, which reduces damage from loading and unloading
  • Hot dipped galvanized structure withstands caustic environments
  • We have a fire resistant option for the cover

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